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Field Staff / Pro Staff

Do you want to join our team?

We are looking for men and women who are passionate about the outdoors and wish to promote our brand to the fullest!

In exchange, our Field Staff / Pro Staff are rewarded with a discount on all AO Coolers products. 

This enables you to receive durable, professional grade AO Coolers at a substantial discount.

AO Coolers requires Field Staff / Pro Staff team members to be accountable, energetic, involved, morally sound and well spoken. 

We hold our Field Staff / Pro Staff team members to the highest standards, thus we will be looking into all social media outlets that applicants have for further validation. 

We are looking for content that is geared towards our clientele, appropriate posts (no cursing, sexual content, offensive subjects, etc.), and proof of outdoor activity. 



  1. $50 membership fee
  2. Required to own a AO Cooler of any size or must purchase one at a discount (if application is approved)
  3. Provide consistent and quality content including but not limited to photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts, forum conversations, etc.; all content provided via social media or emailed may be used by AO Coolers at it’s own discretion. 
  4. Must post to social media sites and tag AO Coolers a minimum of 3 times per quarter (Field Staff) a minimum of 6 times per quarter (Pro Staff)


Please contact Kristin at [email protected] 

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