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"At first glance, the Deluxe Canvas Cooler seems quite ordinary. The thermal protection the cooler offers, though, is far from ordinary. We packed it halfway with ice, and after 24 hours, 44 percent remained. Packed full with no air gaps, the cooler will easily keep its contents cold up to 48 hours. The shell is made of a nylon canvas and comes in solid colors with two dry side pockets—custom embroidery options are available, if you so choose. The soft, flexible insulation makes the cooler just about completely collapsible. Two sewn handles, a removable shoulder strap, and four D-rings facilitate carrying and stowing the cooler. Cinch straps on the ends ensure that the Deluxe Canvas can be closed up tight, reducing air gaps inside. Its capacity makes it a great size for lunches, small picnics, and day trips."

 - Popular Mechanics

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