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12 Pack Mossy Oak Deluxe Cooler


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AO vs Hopper Review by Texans Outdoors
AO vs Yeti Hopper:
Conditions: 80 degree day. both coolers kept in the trunk of the car or in direct sunlight.

For the most part, the AO cooler kept pace with Hopper in terms of keeping our beer cold. After 30 hours, the AO cooler still held ice. (the Yeti still held more ice, but for an additional $230, it should) But seriously, who keeps a single case of beer for over 24 hours.

I like the ease of getting in and out of the AO vs the Yeti Hopper. Filling the yeti with beer and ice is a pain in the a$$.

AO Cons: The shoulder strap broke carrying a 12 pack of longnecks and 10lbs. of ice. However, when the cooler dropped 4' to the concrete floor, the insulation was thick enough that not a sing bottle was broken. That is saying something there.

Recommendations: Get a better quality shoulder strap, even if it cost more.

The AO is still the best bang for the buck for a day trip. (Posted on 3/27/2016)

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