I just completed an 8 hour kayaking trip on the Colorado River in 85 degree heat. I used a larger molded cooler (another brand) for our drinks. The ice was almost all gone. I borrowed someone’s small Stow N Go for a couple items I didn’t want to get hot, just granola bars etc.  I put 3 blue cheap plastic ice blocks in it.  They not only kept the cooler cool all day, but I didn’t unpack it until the next day and the ice blocks were still very cold. Not frozen, but I didn’t even expect them to even be cool. I was amazed at the efficiency of the little cooler.

And so... I’m going to be ordering your Carbon 38 pack Stow N Go cooler. I was, however, curious if the new HD version came in any other color than black? Preferably silver. I’ll be using it on my kayak mostly during hot summer months, so it’ll be exposed to direct sunlight. I’d imagine the black would absorb the heat and melt ice faster than a lighter reflective color like the silver.  I’d prefer the molded bottom and the lower anchor points the newer version has, but that black carbon might be a deal breaker since I’ll be in the AZ sunshine, mid summer.

Thanks in advance.

Natalie McPherson

After putting in more than 60 hours of research and performing a 24-hour ice-melt test on 15 coolers in the brutal Southern California sunshine, we’re sure that the AO Canvas Series 24-Pack Soft Cooler ($60) is the best soft-sided cooler currently available. In all the ways we measured performance—how cold it stayed, how easily it loaded, how durable it was against leaks, how comfortable it was to carry—this model stood shoulder-to-shoulder with coolers that cost twice as much. The AO Canvas Series Cooler can hold 24 cans with more than enough ice to keep it cool for more than 24 hours in most conditions.



To everyone at AO Coolers We have had this cooler for 10 years now!!! Its been on every camping trip, softball trip, hunting trip, and road trip for ten years straight. Lately, its been leaking on our fun. if you could get this back to us leak free that would be great. We just got our new 36 can cooler last week to go on our road trip to Tennessee. Let the memories begin!!!!!! Thanks for a great product Andy K.



Customer Comments Thank you for always making such high quality products! I live in the hot desert and travel all over the world with my AO cooler because it's simply the BEST! Where Did You Hear About Us?: Through a good friend. -Uriel




We went on our family vacation for two weeks in lake of the Ozarks for the first 2 weeks in July. Before we left my son in law talked me into spending over $300.00 for this Yeti soft sided cooler. I've used and abused your coolers and ropes going back to 1996. You will be happy to know that your $69 cooler kept ice longer and drinks cooler then the Yeti. Both coolers same place same conditions in the boat same two guys filling coolers same ice One of those guys was the son in law who talked me into the Yeti by the end of the week him and my son were putting there beer in your cooler so it stayed cooler. Yeti regret Tom Groen



Comment: Hi ~ I received an AO cooler years ago. I have since received 3 YETI coolers. The YETI coolers cannot compare to my AO cooler. I take my AO everywhere! Love it. I wanted to see if you monogrammed coolers that I may order on your site? Thanks!



Hello - Attached are three photos of our amazing AO Coolers in action. The first two show the coolers atop our kayak along the Arizona shore of the Colorado River, four miles below Hoover Dam. The third shot shows just how much ice still remained of the two 20-pound ice blocks after five full days on the river cooling beverages and food. Daytime temperatures were in the mid-70s, and the coolers spent a good deal of time exposed to sun atop the kayaks. This is a remarkable testament to the insulating qualities of your coolers! Thanks for a great product. Let me know if you have any problems with the attachments. Regards, Cynthia Johnson Flagstaff, AZ




Hi. We bought your backpack cooler a couple of weeks ago and just got back from a trip to Key West. The bag works as a perfect carry-on for the plane and saved us a ton of money by being able to take our own beer to the beach and a couple of concerts. We are sending a couple of pictures. We also wanted to suggest a change to the cooler. The two zipper pockets on the sides could be taller to hold more items. We ended up fulling the big pocket with cameras, sunscreen, and all kinds of stuff. Thanks again. We now have two of your coolers and love them both. Ross and Sharee Young



Just wanted to thank you for the awesome BackPack Cooler, I have used it on several Fishing trips and scouting expeditions. This is one of the best products I have used, it allows me to carry water and my lunch keeping them both cool for a long period of time. Once our hunting seasons open here in Ohio you can bet that my AO Cooler will be on my back. Thanks Again for such a great Product! Sincerely, Steven Reinhold MossyOak Regional ProStaff Mgr.Predators



In a society where disposable is widely accepted and has become the norm, AO Coolers has gone the other way. What a pleasure to have found a company willing to build a high quality product. I travel all the time on my Honda Goldwing going to dirt track races. My AO Cooler amazes me. I don't know of any soft coolers that you have to take your frozen water bottles out early in order for them to thaw and be drinkable. We took a four day camping trip with our AO Cooler and came back with bottles that were over 50% frozen. It is a pleasure to have a cooler that does not leak also. I can sit the cooler on my car seat and we don't have even the slightest concern. Your product is truly a money saver in many ways. Rest assured this cooler will not be taking up space in a landfill. "Hats off" to AO Coolers



Recently obtained an AO backpack cooler in Mossy Oak Camo. Want to let everyone know that these are far and away the highest quality soft side cooler I have ever used. The back pack is sized to be a carry on and allows me to travel to hunting and fishing destinations with my clothing and gear packed. When I arrive, I have a fantastic cooler to use while am on location. The trick is to pre-cool the liner before filling with items you wish to keep cold. Once the liner is cooled, man it hold ice for a long time!!! Looking forward to owning more AO products in the future! Dan Gritzner



I don't know when we purchased the 15 Pack Motorcycle Saddle Bag Cooler from you folks (last year maybe?), but what a wonderful product! Fits the Victory Cross Country perfectly. It out performs all our friends similar coolers. Keeps frozen foods solid for hours. Beverages absolutely no problems, no leaks, just cold. Perfect! Awesome, Mark Baumann


Just wanted to let you know that I received my repaired faded red 24 count cooler and took it outSaturday with me to work. Filled it with my drinks and a 7 lbs bag of ice. I work on an all aluminum boat doing tows for Vessel Assist on Lake Havasu. Temp was 122 degrees and when I finished my work day (started at noon and stopped at 1800 hours) and I still had ice left. Thanks oh yea and no leaks.


It was a very warm weekend at Nacimiento this weekend. The stow and go cooler fits perfect under our Wakesetter rear seat, kept all of our drinks super cold, holds a lot of food and drinks, fits perfect in the truck front seat, and is the first soft sided cooler I have EVER had that was completely water proof....You were fantastic to deal with, delivery was literally the next day (we live in So Cal) thanks MalibuCrew for the great tip on a fantastic product and thanks AO coolers for the quality cooler!


AO Coolers, We just wanted to send your company a big Thank You. We ordered a few of the coolers for my husband's Birthday & are thrilled with the results. We were recommended to you by an existing client of yours. Most especially, we appreciate your customer service. Your follow through and product delivery were exceptional. We had requested a Gift Message and we received a hand- drawn, hand- written Birthday card. I cannot tell you how much that made our day!! It added such a personal touch- something that is, severely, lacking in the majority of companies today. Thank you, again, for an amazing experience and delivering a REAL quality product....


I have been using your soft side coolers for over 10 years now. They are an excellent product. I live in Michigan and fly to Key West several times a year for deep sea fishing. I use your coolers to ship my fish back to Michigan. The air travel can be up to 12 hours. The frozen fish arrives as if it never left the freezer. I had an incident once where my luggage was lost for almost two days. When I finally received it, the fish was more than 95% still frozen. Keep up the good work with your products. Chris/Canton, Michigan


Last year I purchased two 48 can coolers from you to transport my venison after bow hunting in Neb. I called you for some tech support as to what I might need..Your staff was very helpful in telling what I would need.The 48 cans are perfect for transporting frozen product on a plane as there is as you know, baggage limit of 50lbs.The coolers weigh about 2.4lbs allowing for about 47.6lbs of product. I was able to put them both in a vacuum bag and get them inside my bow-case for travel to Neb. And then brought them back full...Just thought you might want to hear from a very satisfied costumer...Great product I will be doing business with you in the future.Thanks for your help and great product....


Hi, I just wanted to remark how happy I was with the AO 12-pack soft-sided cooler I purchased (from CleanItSupply).com. I used it to transport my Forteo daily injectable medication which must be maintained at 36 to 46 degrees. Its travel pack (9" x 6.5" x 5") works up to 10 hours, but I'm gone 8 hours door-to-door during Thanksgiving travel and I wanted to assure longer cooling in the event of airport delays. This cooler was perfect! I put the Forteo travel pack inside, then added a couple more large ice packs outside of that in the AO cooler, plus an indoor/outdoor thermometer - and a sandwich for the plane as well. I didn't have any delays, but at 8 hours, all ice packs were still rock solid, even after having been opened at the security checkpoint and again to retrieve my sandwich. The cooler fit under the seat in front of me on the airplane. All the while I felt confident that even if there were long delays, I could add ice to maintain the temperature. Now that I'm back home, I now feel that I have a good "Plan B" for potential power outages following thunderstorms. Thanks for a terrific product!



Hi Amber. I'd like to make a quick mention as to why I chose your product. Last summer your company donated a few of your coolers to a group of boat owners that belong to a web forum called I was fortunate enough to win one of those coolers and realized that your coolers are bullet-proof. (I've owned a few soft-sided coolers and the insulation on those was a joke) Also, several other members of our group have owned your coolers and rave about the quality. And, come to think of it, aren't you guys doing a custom sized cooler for the group? Anyway, I just wanna say that thanks to a little generosity on your company's part, you've got a life time advertiser for your products. Pete Tierney



Hello - I'd like to thank you for your above-and-beyond service last month when I needed to purchase a cooler for a 5-day kayaking trip on Utah's Green River through Canyonlands National Park. I was traveling and had no way to buy a cooler from a distributor, and you were kind enough to fill my order and get the cooler shipped in time for my trip. I'd call that AWESOME customer service, and it was appreciated more than you can imagine. I also want to commend you on a terrific product, the 48-pack fishing cooler. We loaded the cooler in the kayak with a couple of blocks of ice and some frozen food, where it was exposed to desert sun and daily temperatures in the mid-90's. Over the course of the next few days, the cooler was frequently opened to remove cold food and replace it with warm beverage cans. Despite the opening and closing and addition of warm items, there was still ice remaining in the cooler after three days! I am so impressed by your customer service and your products! Sincerely, Cynthia Johnson



Hi Amber, Thank you! My husband loves these coolers and had his for years! It was old and dirty and he desperately needed a new one. He only wanted one from American Outdoor Coolers. They ARE the BEST!!! Thanks again! Ashley



I want to thank Amber in Corona for such great customer service. Thanks for helping me with my exchange. I own three of your coolers myself and have bought some for Christmas gifts. I buy a cooler every year at the La County Fair and I’m one of your biggest fans. There’s not a better cooler made! Thank you, Pete Valentine Parts Manager



Dear AOCoolers, At the end of August 2011 the town I live in in Massachusetts was hit by Hurricane Irene. When we received the news that we were in the path of the hurricane we did what everyone else did, we stocked our refrigerator. What we didn’t plan for was the 4+ day’s loss of power that would follow. Fortunately I own 3 AOCoolers that I’ve purchased throughout the years. I was very impressed with how well your coolers worked. They held the ice for days. Because of your coolers I saved hundreds of dollars in food that I would have had to dispose of if I had used any other brand cooler. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Ronan McDermott





I purchased one of your coolers 2 yrs ago at the L.A. County Fair and LOVE IT! It does everything your company promises. Are going to be at the fair this year?? I would like to purchase another one. Some friends of mine also are interested and want to see your selections. They always by soft sided coolers that never hold ice and leak all over. Also have you thought about making a line of coolers w/wheels or maybe offering some sort of fold-up roller to put coolers on...? loading them up can get heavy. Love your product Thx ~Lisa



Here is my story with your coolers. My fishing partener and I left Seattle with 75 lbs of frozen fillets and smoke salmon, when we arrived in Kalamazoo Michigan 15 hours later my partener had his 48 can cool of fish still frozen just like they came out of the freezer. My 24 can cooler was still at the Seattle Airport. Next it traveled to Atlanta then Detroit arrived in Kalamazoo 27 hours later. The smoked fish standing up around the outside had thawed as well as the top fillet the next two fillets were partially thawed everything in the middle was still frozen solid as it came from the freezer. I cooked the one fillet and every thing else went back to the freezer; all the fish had been vacuum pack. You have a great product. Mike



Hey Brian, I see we just connected. Wanted to let you know that I personally own 2 AO Coolers, have given away more as gifts. People see mine and always ask about it. I find myself selling them and pointing them to your website all the time. Bottom line: I think they are the best coolers money can buy! Thanks, Roger



Just wanted to say thank you! I ordered a 48-pack personalized cooler quite a while ago but it was backordered. The communication with me was excellent and I received my cooler on time and as requested! This cooler will actually be used to carry/ rinse underwater photography equipment, and it's the perfect padded protective carrying case! Just another use you can advertise with! Thanks for the great service, Mark Hoevenaars



Have used your coolers in our boat for years. We just tried out the 15 pack motorcycle cooler in 100 degree temp yesterday. The pack fit perfectly in the saddlebag of our Harley. We have tried 4 cheaper coolers so far this summer only to have each leak water all over our gear. Your cooler kept our beverages ice cold despite the searing heat yesterday and not one drop leaked or perspired outside of the cooler. We will be purchasing another one for the other bag and recommending to all of our "biker buddies". Thanks!


Hi Guys: I wanted to share this story with you. I was in Chicago the last few days and whenever I am in Chicago, I stop by my favorite delis to pick up food to bring back to Seattle. I was a little worried that yesterday’s temperatures might be a problem but I packed one of my cooler bags with 10 ice packs and stuffed it full of food in the morning. It was in the car for a few hours and then checked it as baggage on my flight where I know it sat in the heat for several hours before the flight left. When I arrived in Seattle, it was as cold as when I packed it. The only ice pack that was slightly defrosted was the one on the bottom of the bag but I had placed three on the bottom and the rest on the sides and top. What an awesome bag! This bag has been on about 32 flights in the last 12 months. Regards, Jan



I am new to the AO brand, but will never look back! My 36 I received as a gift last October saved the day. I live in KC and deep-sea fish the Gulf out of Orange Beach, AL. I use a soft-side cooler as my carry-on to take steaks from KC and return with fish I've frozen from my outings. 6/12/11 my flight back to KC was first delayed, then cancelled due to weather. I made it to ATL, then made it to Wichita KS which is four hours from home. Make a LONG story (and day) short, I had 38.7 pounds of frozen gold in my AO including Yellow Fin, Grouper, Snapper, Trigger and Wahoo (about $900.00 worth if you can find it!!). From the time I left my boat and arrived home 18 hours had gone by! I was amazed when I opened my cooler to unload at home THE FISH WAS STILL FROZEN SOLID!!. I could have traveled another day AT LEAST without it spoiling. I love going through the security checkpoint to stump the screeners...I am guaranteed they will root through my AO every time scratching their heads about the contents. Amazing product and technology..just ordered another one and I am sure i will be back for more! Keep up the good work Kevin



We bought a 24 pack boat cooler from your website 2 summers ago. We boat Lake Havasu, AZ, all summer every summer and this cooler keeps ice in all the way through to the next morning! Havasu hits the 120's every summer and this cooler doesn't even flinch! We definitely recommend your cooler to anyone who likes their beer (and other drinks) kept cold!! Stacy V.



Mark, I tried out your back pack cooler Sunday. As usual I smoked a turkey and then put it in your cooler. This time I drove north up into the hills of NH, about a 45 minute drive. The important part of the test was that air temp was 38, maybe cooler at the higher elevation, and the winds were pretty consistent at about 25 MPH. Since I was on my motorcycle, add in more MPH for bike speed, and it seemed like I was heading into the wind most of the trip. This would help cool things down quite a bit if the cooler was not effective. Packing and travel time the smoked turkey was in the cooler for about an hour and a half. All the sisters were extremely impressed at how hot the turkey was when I took it out and cut it up. Still hot enough to make the fingers uncomfortable holding and steam rising when I cut up. Everyone was extremely impressed and all the Sisters want one for Christmas. They very much liked the idea of the Back Pack cooler when they go to the beach; one less thing to lug around if they can put it on their back. Unfortunately the joke of the day was “Turkey in the cooler stayed piping hot, Turkey on the bike froze his ass”. It tool awhile for the fingers and knees to thaw out. Thought I would share my findings, also I will have to hook up with you before Christmas since I will need at least 3 more back pack coolers. -Lyman



Matt, I handed out the new coolers to my sales guys today and they loved them. Thanks for making such a great product. Our company manufactures and sell refrigerated salsas, dips, seafood salads and hummus and your cases are perfect for transporting samples to our customers. They look great and perform even better. Bob



Brian, We camp out on the lake (Lake Don Pedro) which means no running water, no markets near by and no restrroms (except the floating potties of course). Anyway we needed a boat cooler that can handle the 100 degree weather as well as the long hot car rides over the grapevine. This was so great to have and it put ALL of our other soft sided coolers to shame. We had put ice cubes and frozen water bottles, bottled water, and canned sodas in the cooler the morning we left. After the 6 hour car ride, the boat ride over to our camp site, setting up camp, go out for ski runs (with the cooler in the boat) yadda yadda yadda. Now its the next day and to my Surprise most of the ice had melted, (some new ice had been added) but the frozen water bottles still had ice in them. We love it and will be buying another. Our fellow campers loved it too and we suggested that they consider stepping up and getting this cooler as well. Thanks again, Jaci Thompson



Hi Mark- I don't know if you remember me or not but I met you in Burlington, Vermont on the waterfront and bought a cooler form you the day before the boat show. I was the guy with my buddy and a kid in the stroller. I just had to write you because, honestly, I did not believe that cooler would hold ice for 3 days like you said. I thought, even it holds it for half that time it would be cool. Well, you were right and that cooler is hands down the best I've ever owned. Not only did it hold ice for 3 days but it fits in places and travels like no other cooler I have ever had. It is so stealthy no one even knows you have it LOADED with cold beer! I LOVE my new cooler and thanks again for a righteous product! Chad Prouty Beer Lover



Dear Matt, Thanks for the quick response! I will make another order at a later date. I want to take a minute and tell you how pleased we are with the coolers I ordered for the dog sled tour company I manage. I’m sure we’ll be using your products in the future. Happy Holidays to you! Thanks again, Glenna



Thanks!!! My friend, Monica Wilson from Tuscaloosa Alabama bought this same cooler from you last month for our Tennessee riding trip and they really love it. We ride ATV's every weekend and it's been put thru our test and passed!!! I'll spread the word and send you more business. It's hard to find a cooler that will stand up and last on our ATV's. Thanks again! Doug Oliver



Once again, you provide excellent service !! Thanks for your prompt attention. We have owned a cooler for 3 years now and you recently replaced a broken shoulder strap so fast I am still dizzy! What a joy to work with people who understand good service. Thomas Dunn



To Whom It May Concern; I have enjoyed your product for several years. I find that no other cooler matches the efficiency of your product. Thanks, Andy Seleznov Kind words from the HotBoat forum I have one of the larger American Outdoors coolers and must say it has been the best cooler I have ever used ---RitcheyRchh I use all 3 sizes of the american outdoors coolers and there all good for the boat.Waranty is life time but you have to pay frieght ---purrfecttremorr I have the 36 from American Outdoors. It works great ---Nubbss

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